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Games for Dad


Want to get Dad something fun for Father's Day? Or maybe you're just a great Dad who wants an excuse to spend some time with his kids. Either way we've got some great games to bring your family to the table.


Sheriff of Nottingham
For Dads who like Bluffing, Tricking their children, and trying to figure out if their kids are telling them the truth.

Try and get your goods into Nottingham without the sheriff catching you with contraband!

Sheriff of Nottingham has players alternating between being the sheriff inspecting goods and the honest citizens who wouldn't dare have a crossbow or brie hidden among their completely normal chicken shipment.

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Wits & Wagers Deluxe
For Dads who like Triva, Betting, and a chance at winning even when your memory isn't what it used to be.

Enjoy trivia but don't always know the right answer? Now you can bet on the person who you think does!

Wits & Wagers Deluxe is the newest version of the classic trivia & betting game that has interesting questions with numeric answers. Try and determine where the true answer lies between the given numeric responses. If you're pretty sure you've got it, maybe you should double down?

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Ticket to Ride: Germany
For Dads who like Trains, Simple Rules, and instilling some healthy competetion in their kids.

Ticket to Ride games and expansions are part of our Spring Sale. Use discount code SPRINGSALE for 20% off at checkout.

The latest stand-alone game in the Ticket to Ride Series. It has the same great gameplay of connecting destinations by constructing train routes but adds special passengers into the equation.

Simple rules that can be learned in 5 minutes that provides hours of fun as you plan and plot your next route. It's a great gateway game for families to enjoy together.

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For Dads who like Word Games, giving cryptic clues, and explaining the dad logic behind clues when no one can figure it out.

Codenames is one of the most popular games because it feels great to give a clever clue or to suddenly have the correct words click. It's also a great way to get a big group of people to play together.

Great for any fan of word guessing games, Codenames is a fun quick game that's easy to get to the table.

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Forbidden Island
For Dads who like Working with their family, Solving Puzzles, and who still wish they were Indiana Jones.

Find all the artifacts and escape by helicopter before the entire island sinks in to the sea! Make choices of shoring up areas against flood or dashing to get artifacts.

Co-operative games like Forbidden Island are easier to play and learn because your all on the same team and can help each other out. You'll bond over getting away in the knick of time or having victory snatched away from you in the final moments!

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Flamme Rouge
For Dads who like Cycling, Racing, and Leaving Your Kids in the Dust.

Flamme Rouge is a tactical bike racing game where each player controls a team of 2 cyclists. Through careful card play and positioning try to outrace and outlast your opponents.

It's a race! It's simple, immediate, and a clever little puzzle. A wholesome cozy game that's easy to get the family into.

Also consider Formula D, Pit Crew, and Jamaica
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For Dads who like building efficient systems, shiny objects, and playing with poker chips.

Splendor is an engine-building game where you spend gems to purchase tiles that produce more gems for you to purchase more tiles with. It's a simple game that will have you trying to get the most gem for your buck!

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Memoir '44
For Dads who like History, Strategy & Tactics, and some 1 on 1 time with their favourite kid.

Memoir '44 pits one player against the other in real scenarios that occurred in World War 2.

Through careful card-play your forces will advance upon each other and dice rolls will determine what happens in the heat of battle. Read the state of the battlefield, the orders at your command, and your oppent to triumph.

Also consider Twilight Struggle and X-wing
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