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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids


Want to get the kids involved in your hobby? Maybe you just want them away from their screens for a minute. Either way we've got some great games we can recommend for the holidays!


Ice Cool
For Kids who like Flicking, Fun Laughs, and Making Sweet Shots.


Flick your penguin around the halls of the school as you take the role of Hall Monitor or a Runner who's trying not to be caught. These unique plastic penguins can be flicked in straight lines, curve around corners, or do trick-shots that vault you over walls.

Dexterity games like Ice Cool create nail biting moments from either an amazing shot or a fluke miss! Have a rowdy time with this skillful and frantic game.

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Doodle Quest
For Kids who like Drawing, Spatial Recognition, and Collecting Coins.


Doodle a line that will collect treasure and avoid hazards on pictured scene. Easy right? Well, it would be except you're doodling on a transparent sheet in front of you while the pictured scene is in the middle of the table. Afterwards everyone compares their tranparency to the scene to see how they did.

A great game for kids who love to draw that also teaches a little bit of spatial awareness. Will you get all the treasure pieces unscathed or will you hit every hazard along the way?

Also consider Telestrations
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King of Tokyo
For Kids who like Dice Chucking, Pushing Your Luck, and Giant Monsters.


Play as rampaging monsters fighting to be the King of Tokyo using Yahtzee dice-rolling mechanics. Roll your dice to attack other players, gain fame, and use energy on abilites.

If you're buying a gift for a child who loves monsters with unique powers like fire breath and acid spit or maybe they simply love crushing the competition, King of Tokyo will be a great dice chucking time.

Also consider Ultimate Warriorz
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For Kids who like light strategy, fighting goblins & dragons, and want a gateway to bigger games.


Collect cards, roll dice, and defeat the Dragon!

Dragonwood is a light card game that teaches some strategy and hand management to younger kids but is fun enough for the whole family. Simple gameplay, beautiful artwork, and a great gateway game to introduce strategy to kids!

Also consider My First Stone Age
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Sushi Go!
For Kids who like Easy Rules, Simple Gameplay, and Cute Anthropomorphic Sushi.


A simple game of picking-and-passing cards! Collect sets of sushi to get the most points.

Sushi Go is a super quick game that is teachable in a minute or less. Even younger kids can play by simply choosing a card and passing the rest where the older kids will be able to create sets of their own and stop others from creating theirs. It's great fun for everyone!

Also consider Bohnanza
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Rhino Hero: Super Battle
For Kids who like Stacking, Making Towers, and Animal Super Heroes.


Create building that grow and connect as you move your heroes higher and higher. Keep moving higher while trying to not topple over the tower!

An enertaining game that works well with kids and adults. The big brother to Super Rhino, which can also be mixed in, adds even more fun to the original gameplay!

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