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Flames of War: Avanti - Italian Forces in North Africa 1942-1943 (Hardcover)

Flames of War: Avanti - Italian Forces in North Africa 1942-1943 (Hardcover)

Miniatures Game

Product Code: MDGFL00573

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With their equipment outclassed by the enemy’s, the Italian soldier had no choice but to substitute bravery for technology. Despite British propaganda that painted the Italians as cowardly and easily defeated, the Italians fought well and bravely and won many victories that were attributed to the Germans (and were even blamed for German defeats that they had no part in!). Avanti reflects this in the way the Italians are portrayed.

The two characteristic special rules for the Italians are Avanti and Determined. Avanti allows Italian troops to more easily pass Follow Me tests to move faster, modelling their doctrine of rapid movement to contact followed by heavy localized firepower and assaults to overcome resistance. Determined makes their infantry more likely to Rally and their tanks more likely to Remount (made even more likely by the clever and well-protected ammunition stowage of their tanks and SP guns). The Italians can be relied on to fight hard for as long as they can.


This book gives you a whole new way of fighting in the desert. The Italians are more lightly equipped, but more determined than the Germans and British. Their infantry is as numerous as the Americans, but more experienced. So, if a heroic approach to battle appeals to you, this is the force for you.

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