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Flames of War: M14/41 or Semovente Platoon - ITALIAN

Flames of War: M14/41 or Semovente Platoon - ITALIAN

Miniatures Game

  • $40.00
Sorry, this product is sold out. If you'd like us to order more copies please contact us at to let us know!

Contains Five Plastic M14/41 or Semovente tanks, two 8 Million Bayonets dice, one decal sheet and four unit cards.

The M14/41 is excellent against enemy infantry. It has plenty of machine-gun firepower and an effective high-explosive round for engaging anti-tank guns. The Semovente mounted the 75mm howitzer on the chassis of the M14/41 tank. The Semovente mounts a bigger gun, and  is also more heavily armoured, thanks to no longer needing a turret.

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