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Flea Marketeers

Flea Marketeers

Board Games

  • C$35.00
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Build up your own Flea Market area, swindle other Marketeers, and deal in Americana Treasure... What could be more fun? The scene is set before the opening of the big weekend Flea Market at the old drive-in theater. Marketeers vie for the Tables that will make the most profit for the day, as they wheel, deal, and steal to be the richest in town!

Players can buy and sell flea market goods according to a price chart that is given to each player. You will want to accumulate or buy items with the most value to place them in your flea market and sell those that make little or no money. What is worth little to you may be worth a lot to another and vice versa.

Players also draw and play cards on their turn that can have an impact on a single player or all the players at the table. Some cards offer a benefit by allowing you to swap or trade items with another player. The player with the most money and most valuable items in their flea market (according to their price chart) is the winner.

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