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Guild Ball: Season 4 Launch Pack

Guild Ball: Season 4 Launch Pack

Miniatures Game

  • C$42.95
Sorry, this product is sold out. If you'd like us to order more copies please contact us at to let us know!

Celebrate the launch of Season 4 with your local community by hosting a launch party! Use it as an ideal opportunity to engage with your players and discuss which Guild they'll buy from you next.

No special rules to explain in this kit! Players just need to grab a Guild, download the Guild Ball Manager App and start playing a fun, casual event to learn the new changes.

Attract customers into your store with a Lucky Model to give-away for all attendees and one for yout event Organiser, aswell as limited edition cards for the models in Kick Off! 


  • 1 Season 4 Launch Event Guide
  • 2 Season 4 Product Sticker Sheets
  • 40 Season 4 Launch Party Event Flyers
  • 2 A2 Double Sided Season 4 Launch Event Posters/Sign Up Sheets
  • 10 Double Sided Coach Record Sheets
  • 9 sets of Guild Ball Season 4 Quick Reference Cards
  • 9 Brewer's and Mason's Dual Guild Lucky Miniatures
  • 9 Limited Edition Alternate Art Lucky Player Cards
  • 54 Limited Edition Alternate Art Mason's Guild Player Cards
  • 54 Limited Edition Alternate Art Brewer's Guild Player Cards

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