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Guild Ball: The Engineer's Guild - Precision Made

Guild Ball: The Engineer's Guild - Precision Made

Miniatures Game

Product Code: MDGGU00834

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“She’ll never stop, not until she has transformed the world. I have seen her ruthlessness in the promise of a bleak future, where the honest beat in the heart of man is replaced by the cold, metallic clicking of clockwork.”

 Ballista, Engineer’s Guild


Known as the Artificer Queen to members of the Engineers Guild Pin Vice is calculating and efficient having long since moved beyond the limits of humanity in search of mechanical perfection. On the pitch, the many augmentations made to their body allows them to push themselves and others to unimaged precision not limited by the weakness of flesh.


Pin Vice leads their team of mechanica out onto the field not as their captain, but as their master. Their team reacts and plays exactly how they command,  their mechanical limbs obliterating any who would seek to contain their precision. Coaches will relish total domination of their team, punishing their opponents with a succession of goals.


Mechanically precise, this set includes a ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Pin Vice, Mother (and three nest markers), Veteran Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Locus.

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