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[PRE-ORDER] Warhammer 40k: Heroes of Black Reach: Ork Reinforcements Expansion
30-120 Mins
2 Players

[PRE-ORDER] Warhammer 40k: Heroes of Black Reach: Ork Reinforcements Expansion

  • C$30.95
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30-120 Mins
2 Players

This expansion tells the battles at the walls of Gospora Hive, and Zanzag’s escape.


New characters:
Goff Warboss Zanzag, Death Skull Painboy Grimsnagga and his Grot Orderlies, Bad Moon Big Mek Kagbozak

New squad:
Goff Boyz with their Nobz, Blood Axe Kommandos with their Nobz, Goff Runtherdz and Gretchins, Bad Moon Lootas, Goff Meganobz, Evil Sunz Tankbustas

New units and vehicles:
Battlewagon, Trukk, Warbuggy, Mek Gunz, Gorkanaut, Morkanaut, Killa Kan

Many options!
Wargear and Upgrade Options, Command Options, Vehicle Equipment and Customisations

A complement of Order tokens with the colors of Orks

New rules (sheets)

1 campaign with 4 scenarios (sheets)

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Questions? Message Us!
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